Lev Walkin (lionet) wrote,
Lev Walkin

Where is my code?

The BSD license requires users to reveal that they're using the code released under such license, whenever they're shipping a product, be it a software package or a car. It allows some sneaky tracking of companies that use your open source projects.

Here are some companies I found using my ASN.1 compiler:
Aastra OpenCom 100ftp://aux.detewe.ru/OC100_FW/Rel%2010.0/Installation_CD/OpenCom100/Manual/OSS_Licenses.pdf
Mercedes-Benzhttp://moba.i.daimler.com/bai-cars/ba/foss/content/en/assets/FOSS_licences.pdf, p. 107
Mitel (Polycom)http://www.mitel.com/sites/default/files/EULA-Mitel-100.pdf, p. 9
NASAhttp://www.aviationsystemsdivision.arc.nasa.gov/publications/2015/NASA-TM-2015-218427.pdf, p. 4
Rovio (Angry Birds)http://www.rovio.com/oss/license/asn1
Juniperhttps://www.juniper.net/techpubs/en_US/sbr-carrier8.1.0/information-products/topic-collections/sbr-admin-guide-10/book-sw-sbrc-admin.pdf, p. iii
QNXhttp://support7.qnx.com/download/download/27075/TPLTL.v2.22.Apr9-15.pdf, p. 180
Samsunghttp://www.samsung.com/us/support/owners/product/WAM750/ZA, p. 81

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