Lev Walkin (lionet) wrote,
Lev Walkin

Declassified U.S. reconnaissance satellites history

Недавно деклассифицированные документы по истории развития спутниковой разведки в штатах.


Decisions during this time were made against the backdrop of this stupendous Russian space achievement. The impact on world opinion, U.S. pUblic opinion, and congressional concern was almost immediate. The shock that a backward Eurasian power could leapfrog the once mightest technological nation to achieve a first in space was the general perception. Of more specific I concern was that the Soviets had a space booster which demonstrated not only the abUlty to place objects in space, but also the capability to carry warheads to intercontinental distance. Any attempts to belittle or minimize the significance of the 184-pound SPUTNIK I satellite were dismissed wben on the third of November a second satellite, SPUTNIK II, was launched by Russia.
This satellite,weighing 1,120 pounds,placed an animal into orbit for the first time, the dog named Laika. The location of ICBM sites in Russia would now become a highest priority task for the intelligence community.


Там всё: про беспилотники в начале двадцатых, про первый радиоуправляемый дрон в 1935 году, etc. И самое главное — не прекращающий впечатлять меня вопрос про воспроизводимость и continuity проектов во времени.

During the course of the program, there was a considerable turnover of director and management personnel in the government and contractor organizations. In spite of this, the highest level of dedlcation and team spirit was maintained throughout as a continuous thread; this without doubt contributing significantly to program success. (Шрифт мой — lionet)

P.S. Помню статью про то, как на американских авианосцах устроена continuity, при том что кадровый состав полностью меняется менее чем за два года: The Self-Designing High-Reliability Organization: Aircraft Carrier Flight Operations at Sea.
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